Misguided Reliance on the Holy Spirit

Once I was engaged in the conversation with a friend about the power of Holy Spirit. He begins speaking very proudly of how everything he needs to know Holy Spirit tells him. He even said that he understands everything Holy Spirit tells him. This is a prime example of misguided Reliance on the Holy Spirit. A related danger and enemy of study is the notion that because the Holy Spirit influences Our Lives, he will somehow fill us with knowledge of the New Testaments truth without our having to work at mastering it ourselves. Why we should not minimize our dependence on God Spirit to understand scripture aright, it is a mistake to substitute spiritual influence alone for the substantive means of Grace that God has given in the form of SCRIPTURE. Without a solid understanding of God’s revelation of himself in scripture, how can we be sure that the spiritual influence we sense is truly from God? The primary standard for making that determination must, in the end, the scripture!

Encountering the New Testament

Why study the New Testament?

2nd Edition page 31


How many of you have ever took the time to meditate on answering the question “What is my purpose, what is my assignment here on earth according to God’s plans and purposes?” How many of you believe that God did not send us here to just strive to eat, drink and be merry from our wealth?  Well, God’s Holy Spirit helps us answer these questions. Some of us take God’s indwelling Holy Spirit too lightly and others don’t even acknowledge that He even exists, then there are some who seem to be afraid to even speak on God’s Holy Spirit.

Brothers and sisters GOD’S Holy Spirit is the fire living in each believer. God wants to express Himself in our activities and attitudes. Trying to suppress God’s Holy Spirit is a bad idea. (See 1st Thessalonians 5:19) Brothers and sisters, oftentimes the sweet voice of God’s Holy Spirit is trying to keep us on track. Once we realize that God truly loves us, we begin to see things as He sees them because we trust Him.  The stronger your relationship with God, the more clearly you can hear and understand that it is He who speaks to our hearts.

Let us pray that God fine tunes our spiritual ears to hear Him and focus our spiritual eyes so we can see what He sees.  It is the most exciting experience to know when you actually heard God speak to your heart and when your insight is keener than you’ve ever known it to be. What is your true assignment here on this earth?  Please study Isaiah 14:14 & 30:21; Jeremiah 33:3; John 10:27 and John 16:13; Proverbs 16:9; Ephesians 1:11.