My Eyes See Your Wonders!

When I look out my window and gaze upon all the things you made, I can’t help but sigh a deep breath and caresses my arms folded together and stand in awe, totally amazed.

The trees knowing when to change, the wind blowing, the birds singing, the sunshine, even the rain… your beautiful creation cannot be compared to anything.

What is the ocean doing? It’s displaying an array of waves. Swooshing back and forth, the wonder and might of it..oh I’m transfixed in a daze

I cannot imagine how you fashioned everything and made everything alive to flourish day after day.

It’s indescribable the joy and happiness another day brings.

Being alive and able to breathe, and have all senses intact is enough to make me shout and sing!

Dear Lord, I thank you for this another new day.

I will show my appreciation by giving praise and thanksgiving because of your mercy, kindness and your GREAT GRACE.


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