Continuous Grace!

St John 1:16 tells us: And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace. This means all believers possess continuous grace, power and ability. God foresaw the fall of Adam and Eve.  He already made full provisions for our restoration back to Himself. He invites all humankind to partake of these provisions!

When you know that God loves you, you will put your confidence in Him.

 As we continue believing, God’s grace comes in and take us beyond what we are able to do.

                                                                     The grace of God is a believers greatest witness!


3 thoughts on “Continuous Grace!

  1. God’s grace is so sufficient. We would be nothing without His mercy and race. Thank God, he is a forgiver!Have you given God quality time, by meeting Him daily in prayer. Trust God, even when you feel like He’s not there. He is!!!

    1. Elder Evans, how are you, glad you could stop by again. Indeed I find myself consumed more by His presence each day. I trust what He said… that He will never leave nor forsake me. I am learning the importance of.resting in His finished work…I give God honor, praise and thanksgiving for developing me and teaching me how to tap in to all resources He’s already made available! I am absolutely nothing without his sufficient Grace! Take Care Sister and Keep stopping in. Much Love to YOU and family!

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